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Vicki Youdan DipHb (KGH) MSc Applied Behaviour Analysis
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Thank you for visiting Paratoi.


I look forward to sharing additions to this website with you regularly.

Paratoi is essentially born of a passion to support mothers and their birth partners to achieve the best possible birth experience.  Whether this is vaginal, instrumental or caesarean, it can be a gentle, calm and empowering experience, unique to them. 


I want to see a world in which no mother fears birth, no birth partner feels inadequate in their support role and no health care professional acts in the interests of generic protocol over person-centred care.

Paratoi: Welsh for prepare was established following the birth of my daughter, Cassidy in 2016. 


Paratoi began with my own personal story and grew into a complete, evidence based antenatal programme, built upon the foundation of more than a decade's practice, delivering CBT and mindfulness-based interventions, in a variety of NHS services, throughout the UK. 

During my personal journey through pregnancy and birth and my ongoing academic training, I've discovered that many myths and misunderstandings exist surrounding Hypnobirthing and the wider Positive Birth Movement.  I'd like to guide you through these fields and accompany you in your exploration of some seriously good science, that today, rightly propels their increasing mainstream popularity.

A Randomised Controlled Trial (which is the GOLD standard of clinical and medical research) published by Levett et al (2016), in Australia, has concluded that mothers who were taught and subsequently practiced  techniques for effective coping during labour (particularly breathing exercises and visualisations) had substantially  less need for medical intervention during their birth and better outcomes for their newborns. 

Increasingly and notably, with the right support, women are able to make informed, evidence-based choices during their pregnancies because they recognise the impact these choices can  have on their birth experiences... And the ongoing impact birth choices have on their lives and the lives of their growing family.  

This is where it starts.

If there's anything you'd like to know, to book a KG hypnobirthing course, pregnancy relaxation or  mindfulness session or simply to have a chat or maybe for some support in considering your options in birth (you have SO many), please do drop me a line... we can discuss all that Paratoi has to offer. 

I look forward to hearing from you, Vicki Youdan.


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KGH For a Calm and Confident Birth 

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Read another man's experience of births he attended - with - and without - HYPNOBIRTHING in the blog section... 


And if you're still not sure if this is something you need to do, sign yourselves up to session 1 of my private course with absolutely no obligation to complete the rest of the course.  I'm THAT confident you'll get it, for her benefit.  And for yours...