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Meet the founder and lead practitioner:
Vicki Youdan

Vicki was born and raised in Swansea in South Wales and obtained both her BSc in Psychology and MSc in Applied Behaviour Analysis from the University of Wales.  For the latter, she was granted a scholarship.


Following qualification in 2006, Vicki embarked on over a decades' service to clinical psychology within a variety of mental health services throughout the UK, building and applying a range of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and mindfulness based interventions with groups and individuals who sought their support. 


Working directly under the supervision of lead Consultant Clinical Psychologists in her areas of expertise. Vicki was able to build a comprehensive folio of achievement resulting in her being offered a place on the prestigious DClinPSy, Doctorate in Clinical Psychology, training programme in 2015. 

By this time, Vicki was married with two children and had relocated to Bristol where she and her husband extended their small family with the addition of their youngest daughter in 2016.

Having a 3rd child to care for at home, meant emphasising work-life balance in her career and so, Vicki went on to take her outstanding clinical references along the path of  private practice.

As Vicki continued to work both within private practice and NHS services as well as dedicating time to voluntary services for expectant mothers and those with new babies, her professional leaning and own experiences during pregnancy began marking a transition, where Vicki began applying much of her training and experience specifically to the support and care of expectant and new parents.  


Through her personal experiences of maternity and obstetric care during pregnancy, birth and the post natal period, coupled with her background in applied psychology, Vicki became increasingly involved in researching evidence based approaches to antenatal care, woman-centred care and birth rights. 

In 2018, Vicki extended her training repertoire by undertaking a teacher training diploma with the  school of world renowned hypnobirthing specialist, Katharine Graves, and achieved the Royal College of Midwives Accredited DipHb(KGH).

Vicki also trained as an NHS Breastfeeding Peer Supporter and currently donates time each week to the voluntary services available locally ... 


She also furthered her training in biomechanical approaches to birth physiology, in 2019, studying with the world-renowned biomechanics expert and birth feminist, Molly O'Brien. 


In 2020, Vicki will commence a research PhD, investigating antenatal approaches to care and their impact on birth outcomes. 


Vicki is also a poet and spoken word artist who loves rhyme and music and festivals. 

Paratoi: Welsh for PREPARED is Vicki's evidence based antenatal practice;

Paratoi: Evidence Based Antenatal

The new home of KG Hypnobirthing.


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My skills ~ Qualifications & Areas of expertise

Pregnancy And Birth:


Comprehensive Antenatal Education, Individual Choice & Personal Rights

Focused, Positive Birth, Diverse Birth, LGBTQIA+ Birth, Surgical, Instrumental,

Vaginal Birth, Bonding, Breast Feeding, Gentle Parenting, Attachment,

Nurturing of Whole Families, From decision to conceive ~ Through to



Wider Expertise:    

Assessment and clinical formulation, subsequent development and delivery of CBT and Mindfulness-based Interventions for a range of requirements including for Stress Reduction, Mood Management, Generalised Anxiety, Specific Anxieties and Phobias, Sleep Disturbances, Trauma, Substance Misuse

~ See ButterfliesAndSunflowers.org

2020 - PhD commences ~ Comprehensive Antenatal Education and impact on Birth Outcomes

In Collaboration With Katharine Graves & Professor Amy Brown @ Swansea University


* 2019  - Molly O'Brien - The Bio-mechanics of Birth 

* 2018  - Katharine Graves, Royal College of Midwives Accredited Hypnobirthing     Teacher Training; DipHb(KGH) 

* 2018  - Breast Feeding peer Supporter ~ Royal United Hospital ~ BATH

* 2009 - University Of Wales; MSc Applied Behaviour Analysis

* 2006 - University Of Wales; BSc Psychology

Areas of particular interest within birth:

* The impact of 'antenatal calm' and birth empowerment, on mother, baby & family

* The Impact of Comprehensive Ante Natal Education on Birth Outcomes  

* Induction and Augmentation of labour

* Gentle birth - Physiologically and (Where Essential Only) With Support of Medical Instruments   

* Positive Birth - How It IS possible to achieve this; no matter what 'type' of birth you have

* Positive Breast feeding & Gentle Respectful Parenting 

Previous areas:

* Substance Misuse Services

* HMP Services

* Early Intervention in Psychosis Service

* Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services (CAMHS)

* Specialist Autism Assessment & Referral Service

* Increased Access to Psychological Therapies (IAPT)

* Special Secondary Education Service