So, what do we actually cover on a complete KG Hypnobirthing course?

Why Katharine Graves' Hypnobirthing ~ KGH

KG Hypnobirthing teacher training was the first Hypnobirthing Training in the UK to be accredited by The Royal College of Midwives. 
Many of our local midwives are now also trained KGH practitioners; both within the community and within some of the local hospitals. 
KGH remains the Hypnobirthing training of choice for UK midwives..  And for new parents; this means two very important things;
1 ~ KGH teaches midwives at a standard appropriate for their own training needs and expectations, in a whole range of approaches and information about birth that they don't otherwise encounter as part of their standard midwifery course. 
This is because KGH brings to midwifery, additional training, to degree level, in the disciplines of psychology and physiology of birth. 
And 2 ~ The fact that so many midwives are seeking and attaining accreditation in this additional qualification also means, that they are skilled and enabled to support your learning and your rights within the ever-increasing demands of their NHS system.  
Any conflicts of interest which this may raise are theirs to deal with - on their journey.  
Afterall, their primary role as midwife AND kgh practitioner is to advocate FOR the rights of birthing people, ensuring that the needs of that system do not, at any stage, cloud their judgement on maintaining the priorities and the needs of birthing families. 
In today's NHS; Their role is not one that I envy. 
This is what sets KGH apart from other online courses and approaches; it is academic.
It places a firm emphasis on the most up to date evidence-base and the latest peer reviewed research, which, because of the structure, size and bureaucracy of the NHS organisation, can take a number of years to filter into NHS practice and protocol.
KGH has, at its very foundation, an emphasis on being a person-centred, individualised, respectful, collaborative approach to birth preparation, experience and planning.
With dignity and respect, KGH puts person before policy in every single way.
The good news (for many) is that you don't have to be an academic yourself to 'do it' ~ And that is where your empathic, highly qualified and skilled KGH practitioner comes into play, for you.  
No two birthing people are the same and the fact that you're seeking individualised care and support is met wholly by a complete KGH antenatal program which is moulded around you, your past experiences, your future expectations, your specific care providers and your wider family and life.
There is nothing generic about this experience...  Your hypnobirthing course it totally bespoke, making it as unique as you and your baby.
Private 1:1 or Group KGH course?
Which should I choose?
Whether you choose to work with your KGH practitioner privately (in your own home or theirs, or at the local studio or neutral space, or indeed via Zoom as is now the case!), OR, you'd prefer to attend a small group course... Your complete antenatal education will follow the same starting structure. 
The exact content becomes small-group and couple-specific, due to the individualised nature of each participant.   
However, whether you choose private or group KGH birth preparation, you can expect some things to remain the same:
  • 12 hours Course Attendance (approx.) - Typically split into 4, 3hour sessions (or 2 lots of 6) ~ Sometimes more complex scenarios or multiple scenarios arising can necessitate longer sessions and sometimes, the very same materials can be covered in a shorter length of time - what's important here is that your needs are met - this typically takes approx. 12 hours overall but can, on occasion, be slightly less or more than this.  
  • Unlimited contact with your practitioner via phone / text / email / WhatsApp - your choice - during the course AND up to and immediately following the birth - Your support doesn't stop when the course ends, if things change or your needs become unexpectedly more complex, then your practitioner will still be on hand to answer questions and provide evidence-based information.
  • Unique and bespoke birth plan - multiple versions (built within session) utilising Positive Birth Movement icons ~ Created collaboratively, for any necessary number of birth eventualities. 
  • Unique literature reviews and evidence based portfolio ~ Emailed to you between sessions and in relation to specific issues raised during or following the course.   
  • Book, CD and MP3s ~ As part of the course, you will be given your own copy of The Hypnobirthing Book by Katharine Graves, the accompanying CD including 3 specific self hypnosis or relaxation exercises.  As well as this, you will be sent a number of additional MP3s and accompanying scripts, as per your individual requirements. You will also have access to our varied and comprehensive library.
Private 1:1 Course ~
£50 deposit ~ followed by £54 per session (over 4 sessions) = Total of £266 (incl deposit)
Group Course ~
£50 deposit ~ followed by £47 per session (over 4 sessions) = Total of £238 (incl deposit)
All course payments can be made in instalments which suit your budgeting requirements.  
Once your deposit is paid, your course place is reserved and you have until the end of your course to complete payment - in any instalment fashion that suits you.
Discounts are available for friends wishing to form small groups, for lone parents, for families in receipt of universal credit and for anyone else who considers financial barriers to prevent them achieving birth goals.  
Complete Course Outline:
Session 1 ~ Psychology and Physiology

KG Hypnobirthing - Why is this a complete antenatal course? And what will we cover altogether? 

Existing worries, past experiences and future expectations / what you want to achieve - Part of the experience of working with psychology in this way enables fears to fade and be replaced by skills, knowledge and confidence.  

Hypnotherapy - What is this exactly (there can be myths and misunderstandings to work from) and why is hypnobirthing called hypnobirthing when NOBODY is going to "hypnotise me"?? 

How the Mind Works.. This is an in-depth consideration of the psychology and neurological experiences of pregnancy, labour, birth and the immediate post partum period. Including demonstrations and real life examples. 


Through this section, you will come to understand quite how important your brain is to birth - and the impact of the midwifery and medical professions having largely ignored psychology (until relatively recently) at their - and our - peril.

The use of language - why this is important and how midwifery continues to be informed by advances in our understanding of psychology.


How behaviour (our own and that of others) affects your body and mind and thus, our experience of labour and birth - AND the lasting impact this has on the lives of our, as yet, unborn children.

Muscles of the Uterus - An exploration of the physiology of birth, how the baby travels from womb to world and precisely how this is mediated by the interplay between our brain and our body.

Hormones and Neurotransmitters - which ones are involved in pregnancy, labour, birth, postpartum and breastfeeding experiences - And how we can actively optimise internal and external environments in order to facilitate their activity. 

Sympathetic and Parasympathetic Nervous systems - what's the difference - what are they for? How did they evolve and why we need to know all about the phenomena dubbed "fight, flight or freeze" in relation to labour and birth.

Relaxation Scripts - An introduction to the practice of hypnotherapy for birth - CD and MP3s provided with detailed instructions and problem solving FAQs.


Recommended Reading - An exploration of the available literature (at the exact time of course happening) and discussion around which materials you'd like to read for yourself (I have an extensive library to support you) or what aspects of this you'd prefer to have covered by course content.  This can be tailored to your exact requirements.

What exactly is a positive birth? And your journey to achieving your own...

I am a huge advocate of the PBM - Positive Birth Movement - An international grass roots movement, inspired by the writing of Milli Hill and grown from the foundation of her Positive Birth Book - If you haven't read it, her newest offering, 'Give Birth Like a Feminist' is an absolute MUST - for the very modern, thinking-woman, intent on birthing within our ancient NHS - Both of these are available in audio formats. 

Many people have the misconception that 'positive birth' is synonymous with 'natural' or 'pain free' or 'drug free' birth and this is simply not true.  

People who describe having a "positive birth", describe induction, instrumental or caesarean birth, home birth, complications and even baby loss.  You can read some of these stories via the PBM website and, beautifully collated by birth worker and author Natalie Meddings at


The common experience which binds these people is NOT the mode of their child's birth or any similarities in decisions they made along the way. Conversely, their experiences are wide ranging and varied, BUT they all share the tenets of dignity, provision of accurate and up to date information by and collaboration with, respectful care providers. acknowledgment of and respect for individual rights to make fully informed and person-centred choices. 


All of which culminate in so much more than simply 'healthy baby / healthy birthing person', but births which are empowering and powerful, life changing transitions for whole families, that enable a start to parenthood journies framed by strength and possibility.  Through the achievement of true mental and physical respect and wellbeing. 

Locally, positive birth meetings run in Bristol and Bath ~ these are FREE, informal, monthly antenatal meetings in which parents can meet each-other, as well as local birth practitioners, midwives, doulas, obstetricians and more, to discuss options available during labour and birth.  Spend time with other parents who are making informed choices and witness how we can all change the narrative around birth to reflect autonomy, choice and dignity. 

During session one, the foundations are laid - From here, you can begin to build a new way of thinking and feeling about birth and the impact that a positive birth can have on you and your baby. 


Session 2 – Techniques

Power of the Mind - The thoughts / feelings / behaviours relationship and impact
Breathing during Labour
Positions Ready for Birth
Back to Back Babies - Spinning babies and positioning 
Breech Babies
Pelvic Floor Exercise
Perineal Massage
Preventing Tearing
Positions for Birth - Active labour - Place of birth choices
Hypnobirthing DVD

Session 3 – Before Birth

Due Dates
Stretch and Sweep
Induction of Labour
‘Natural’ Induction of Labour
Birth Partners Questions
Onset of Labour
Relaxation Script

Session 4 – The Birth

Where to give birth - your options - Have your choices changed - It's not too late
First Stage of Labour
Second Stage of Labour
Third Stage of Labour

The Golden Hour
Specific Relaxation Script
Information and Practice
Hypnobirthing DVD

Breastfeeding and baby-wearing 

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