I Heart MY Body

My second spoken word piece - That you can hear me speak here.

spoken word hypnobirthing paratoi keynsham
It's time to reacquaint ourselves; with humans and with trees...

In a world that doesn't speak MY truth

Where is it that I start?

It shouldn't be any weirder than saying EYES

Or 'lungs'

Or 'heart'

And yet, we don't say it LOUD

We don't say it proud

We don't call things by their proper name

Instead, we reel, Victorian hangovers of embarrassment and shame

I don't have a 'fanny'

A 'foo foo'

Or 'lady bits'

The world must accept that I have more than one set of lips

They're abandoned by some textbooks

Overlooked by 'educators'

Even relatively well-taught peeps persist in calling them 'vaginas'

What's wrong with saying VULVA?!

It's not lewd - Not gross - Not vulger

It's not even techinically incorrect

Try it - Use it - Roll it around

It's not even technically incorrect

Don't be so circumspect

During this era of disconnect - from ancestral wisdom

Mind and Body harmony..

REACH for insightful and uplifting imageray

Spoken word projects

Inclusive, artistic photography



For generations of women

Raised uncertain

Words unspoken

Fearing distortion

Seeking surgery

For normaility

We have to see that this is wrong!


How can we love you, if we don't know what you're called?

How can THEY respect you, if they don't know what your name is?

I want MORE for MY daughters

For knowledge to be their power

Respect to be their RIGHT

I want them to know their bodies - LOVE their bodies

Command their own free will - without a fight

So come on world, wake up!

It's time, for enlightened education

And not just from their school..

Perpetuating infant-speak is a very long way from cool

lets use basic anatomical terms in a baby-making context

Build from our low-foundation of penis in vagina

Let's talk about what happens after sex

Grow an accurate lexicon for all the happens next

Because, without language as descriptors, we lose respect for all the rest


The vulva lips are labia

Majora and minora

enclosing the entrance to our famoud friend, vagina

Sometimes these lips are wider - short - long or flat

Whatever their appearance - KNOW they're PERFECT just like that

They can be light, dark or multiple shades

Labia size, shape and colour also change as we age

They can alter when we're pregnant

Temporary or permanent

Our vulva lips;

Our genital encasement

Containing all our external reproductive equipment

Also enclosed in those unique labia, for us;


The anus, urethra and external clitoris

Ahhh - The infamous clitoris

Know this important distinction in describing the structure -

What we see and feel outside are merely a small piece of its picture

The depths and complexity within us;

Another anatomical misrepresentation!

Primed for ecstatic childbirth

Not just sex and masterbation

Well versed in the latters

Climatic pleasurable sensation

it's likely the roots are in evolutionary procreation

The vulva houses it all - keeps it mostly hidden - safe from damage

Then, travelling internally;

We've a stretchy, muscular, vaginal passage

The uterus stores our monthly blood

Grows the babies - and their placenta

The cervix holding fast and strong - 'til babe's lungs send sign;

NOW's the time to meet her!

Beforehand, the cervix; is HARD - like the very TIP of your nose

Preparing to birth; Soften, Efface, Dilate - is how it goes


This happens naturally - at a pace as unique as you and me

Don't even get me started on intervention

We'll go there next time - shall we?

So - Wisdom teaches us to HONOUR and attend to ALL our cycles

Not divorce our bodies from their Earth

Form tribes of CONSUMPTION disciple

SEE the whole world progress through

Empowered - Respected CHILDREN

Learn FROM them with acceptance too

Elevate them to teacher and from their perspective - VIEW

And REFLECT upon our childhood selves

The adults we've become

Awaken from each cyclic phase a calmer, more peaceful one

Hear this call DEAR adults

With children and without

This planet's inheritors need assistance

And I can hear them SHOUT

Learn of natures cycles - the seasons and language for these

It's time to reacquaint ourselves - with humans and with trees

RESPECT for EVERY person

Dignity for the Earth

The time has come for all of us to DEMAND a better birth


Teach THIS to the children - with transparency

RESPECT our youth

Then - BEHOLD their capacity

For teaching US HUMANITY


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