Magazine editorial & Facebook "Live"?! Check. Paratoi has lift-off...

Updated: Jun 29, 2018

So, today was the day I 'bit the publicity bullet'.

Ian, the editor of Bath and Wiltshire Parent Magazine had contacted me last week to discuss advertising for Paratoi ... He was very enthusiastic about the ethos, my background and the very essential nature of the work Paratoi exists to achieve.

Ian, like a growing number of others, recognises the importance of mental wellbeing and specifically, in the value of mindfulness practice.

He was keen to write an editorial piece about Paratoi for his magazine and specifically, would reference the KG Hypnobirthing Taster Session I'm running in Keynsham on 14th July.

hypnobirthing paratoi antenatal taster
antenatal hypnobirthing with paratoi

So I got the email this morning...

The Bath and Wiltshire Parent article was LIVE on their website!

You can read it here

After that?

I felt "on a roll".

My baby was napping and I remembered some of that online business training I'd done with Suzy Ashworth... Facebook LIVES are where I need to be, says Suzy.

So, I went LIVE.

I won't lie to you, it's not the easiest or most natural thing I've done to date. But it wasn't as bad as all that, either. And I particularly like how, when I'm watching someone's LIVE post, it feels like they're talking to me, I get a sense of who that person really is and what they're like, before I even meet them. I can see the value in this, you can meet me, before you meet me.

I feel brave. And vulnerable. All at the same time.

If you're interested in private or group KG hypnobirthing or you'd just like to find out more about what Paratoi has to offer, drop me an email; or visit my website 'courses' page by clicking on the above antenatal group image.

I really look forward to hearing from you.

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